foliage leaf from 2003Welcome to Foliage-Vermont 2018. Reports start in early September


Posted on the Vermont Foliage Forum by Ctyanky:

Hello foliage friends! As of today, we are just past the six month mark on the countdown to Fall 2018. The autumnal equinox next falls on Saturday, September 22, 2018!!! I can't believe we are just two "seasons" away from the grand entrance of fall and all things we love about traveling in the great state of Vermont!

Time to start locking in your lodging, especially for the high foliage weekends in October, most importantly, Columbus Day Weekend. Spring has arrived here FINALLY! So many nor'easters this year, and oh, those cold temps seem to be on their way out.   

I'm looking forward to warm sunshine, green grass and buds on the trees and shrubs, parades and cookouts and trips to the beach! I hope to make a couple more trips to Vermont for the Strolling of the Heifers, Brattleboro in June and the Blueberry Festival in the Deerfield Valley in July, both of which are amazing! In August, I'll be heading to the Taste of Woodstock for my first time and I'm very excited! Here are a few links for these events, in case you are so inclined.... There is so much more once summer arrives and I hope you can get up Vermont to enjoy all their wonderful festivities!