Here are some movies from the past, made about foliage....

From the 2016 Season (reports presented in chronlogical order so you can follow the progression and use this info for next season!)

Aerial photos and videography by (FAA Licensed drone pilot)

From the 2015 Season


From the 2014 Season


From the 2013 Season

From the 2012 Season


From the 2011 Season

From the 2010 Season:

Fall foliageFoliage in the Northeast Kingdon 2008 - For some reason, Vermont's Northeast Kingdom consistenly gets some of the best foliage color. This video contains scenes from popular photo spots such as Lake Willoughby, Island Pond, Barton, East Charleston and Barton. A Merlin Steadicam was used for almost every scene. The wistfull piano music is an original work which fits the mood of reflection and melancholy. Perhaps that is why people like the colors so much!