foliage leaf from 2003Welcome to Foliage-Vermont 2019

October 16th, 2019early fall foliage map

Vermont Tourism Dept Foliage report:

The highest elevations and hardwood ridges have moved beyond peak, but brilliant foliage remains in downslope valleys and protected forest coves and benches throughout the state. While bare branches are beginning to appear, the trees are still showcasing a surprisingly high volume of leaves.

Bests Bets for Color: The Champlain and Connecticut River Valleys have plenty of green and the promise of even more color ahead as they reach peak.

This transition point in the foliage season is especially notable as red, orange, and yellow leaves cover the ground but also persist in the canopy above, creating a colorful mosaic to hike through. As the scene shifts from overhead to below your feet or bike tires, it’s a nice time to see into the woods and discover the stone walls and cellar holes of the past. 



Lake Willoughby at peak fall foliage color

Lake Willoughby at peak on September 30th, 2019. See this in a 360 aerial panoramas here. Note, this picture is available as a huge full size panorama print. Contact us for pricing and shipping. To see the full impact of this image, you need to view it full screen on a desktop computer, although you can still view it on a mobile device.

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Latest panorama: Monday, September 17th,

New video of foliage scenes here!


One of the best foliage season's ever for color. Wait for the sun!

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A short VR 360 video of color near Barton, VT. Please note that you need to be on a fast connection to view this and you need to set your Youtube setting to at least 1440 speed


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