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Photo Memories of Vermont by Canadian photographer Heath Moffat

We received an e-mail several years ago from Heath Moffatt, a Canadian photographer, who very much misses being in Vermont at foliage time. He now lives in British Columbia.

He kindly sent us the pictures you see here. We asked Heath to send us a brief bio as well as some information about his pictures.

Click below the first picture to cycle through a series of 9 pictures. Warning: Some of the pictures may take several seconds to load.

Heath’s Bio:

When I was younger, I spent most of my weekends with my father touring around Vermont. As I got to know the places better as a young adult. I wanted to go back to the places that I held so dear in my memory.

As a professional photographer just starting out in Montreal, there were times when I wanted to get away from the city to be back in among the hills of Vermont. There's something of a feeling about getting lost in the tiny little towns scattered about the Green Mountains.

Sometimes I would just drive aimlessly to places. Other times, I would research to find where the best spots were.

I long to go back to Vermont again. It's been close to 10 years from being away from "heaven" in any season, but for me Fall in Vermont is my favorite.


Heath Moffat's Vermont Collection

9 images

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