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Vermont Foliage Color: Click an image

  • Maple foliage in Holland
  • CP Railroad near Norton
  • A view of smugglers notch in the fall
  • Stowe in the Fall
All Photos by Tim Palmer-Benson

Southern Vermont Fall Picture Slide Show 2003 Season



Charles Kozierok is a writer, webmaster and amateur photographer, living in the higher elevations of the Green Mountains in southern Vermont. He writes the following about the slide show you are about to view:

One of the greatest joys of living in Vermont is being able to enjoy the annual splendor of a New England autumn. Through the month of September and into October, as the temperature drops and summer fades to fall, the greens of the Green Mountains transform into a riot of gold, orange, red and purple. It is a time for harvest, for fresh apple cider and pumpkin pie, of crisp days and cool nights. And it is also a time for some of the most
spectacular scenery the world has to offer.

As a photographer, Vermont in the autumn is an "embarrassment of riches". Each year I spend several days and nights walking and driving the area around my home in southern Vermont, searching for unique images that capture the essence of foliage season. This slideshow contains 16 of my favorite images, chosen from several hundred that I took in the area during September and October 2003.

The slide show below is presented in Flash. There are 16 slides.